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Two-words: Folding Boat
Keep it behind your couch and you don't have to volunteer at DTBH

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>The church of the downtown boathouse always brings up these arguments.
>There are other churches out there.
>In fact with the current method of boat storage at the DTBH is very
>exclusionary to the public, only certain people are allowed to store
>their boats there.
>If they truly believed in what is posted, there would be no private
>boats in the DTBH. Very few paddlers have the amount of time to set
>aside to do the volunteer work that is required.
>In NYC parks there are private restaurants, concessions, softball fields
>with a hierarchy of fee's to third party operators.
>79 th street marina is a subsided large vessel storage facility, the
>chelsa piers was sold at below market rate, I believe it was supposed to
>have public access to the water.
>  They are Dog runs, skateboards parks,  private trapeze schools in the
>park.   The tennis courts at central park have locker rooms with private
>storage available. The model boat house in central park has storage for
>the private model boats.
>Every free on street parking space is subsided public space.  I wouldn't
>doubt the 79th street marina has subsided indoor parking for the power
>boat owners.
>I am hoping the the pier 66 facility turns out with a storage facility
>for the people that just want to paddle.
>My concern was that if the DTBH is denied their original downtown
>location, they may try to compete for the pier 66 location.
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>mike, i assume that you refer to the downtown boathouse in the below
>i would like to provide a little background information which might
>broaden your perspective on boathouses on the hudson in NYC.
>hudson river park, the subject of this article, occupies just about 6
>miles of the hudson river waterfront in nyc (roughly from the top of
>rockefeller park to 59th street).  that is hardly the whole of NYC's
>hudson waterfront.  there is a NYC Parks Department-run human-powered
>boating launch and storage facility at 79th street, and a canoe club at
>the hudson river park act provided for the construction of 4 new public
>boathouses to be built on this public land with public funds at piers
>26, 66, 84, and 96.
>right now 2 of the boathouses are complete:  piers 96 and 84.  (84 is
>yet to open for use).
>almost 2 years ago a request for proposals (rfp) was issued for the
>operation of the first boathouse to come online, at pier 96.  this is an
>open and fairly transparent process.  i personally posted the
>information here and on many other lists around the country, as did many
>other members of the park's advisory council, park officials, and
>concerned members of the public.  anyone was welcome to submit a
>only the downtown boathouse submitted a proposal for operation of that
>facility.  they now operate that facility.
>the next boathouse to open will be at 44th street. it will be operated
>by Floating the Apple.  there was no rfp process for this facility.
>this organization was chosen by the hudson river park trust in a closed
>another rfp will be released in the next few weeks for an operator for
>the next boathouse to be completed, at pier 66 (26th street).  again,
>this will be open to anyone who chooses to make a proposal for its
>when that rfp comes out i will post the info here and elsewhere.
>the operation of the new pier 26 boathouse was to be determined  through
>an rfp process as well, but if this article is correct, that process may
>now be indefinitely delayed.
>while jim wetteroth's being interviewed for this article may appear to
>suggest that he expects his organization to eventually operate that
>boathouse, if you read carefully, he is quoted at least in part because
>he was at the CB1 waterfront committee meeting.  the interviewer's
>description of the dtbh programs is actually a bit out of context, in my
>as mr. wetteroth has operated a public boating facility in the area for
>nearly 20 years, his comments provide useful insight into the current
>financial issues facing the new boathouse for any operator, not just the
>dtbh program.  while the new boathouse at pier 96 is quite nice (running
>water and heat in the winter, as mentioned) a facility for seasonal
>boating use could certainly function quite well without such "luxuries"
>if it meant the difference between a fully appointed facility and no
>facility at all.
>there are many individuals and organizations (including but certainly
>not limited to the dtbh) throughout this city and general area who work
>tirelessly to ensure the future of human-powered boating and free public
>water-access for this entire community.
>and we are a community, not a series of competing factions out to
>monopolize the boathouses and the waterfront.
>i encourage everyone on this list to keep an eye out for the rfp when it
>is released, to make proposals for its operation, to use their energies
>constructively, and to generally act like the community of people with a
>common goal that we are, or should be.
>nancy brous
>metropolitan region director
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>Why does one  organization try and monopolize all the boathouses on the
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