NYCkayaker !!RE: boathouses on the Hudson river in NYC

Joy Hecht
Wed Nov 1 21:53:47 EST 2006

Mike Pidel said:

:::Another reason for kayak storage on new docks or along the waterfront is
:::to diminish the amount of vehicles crossing the greenway. Every vehicle
:::that crosses the greenway is a hazard to the greenway users. Its good to
:::see this discussion, I don't consider it in bickering for people to
:::state different viewpoints and land use .  Private boat storage is
:::private boat storage whether its paid for in monies or volunteer work.

For sure - but either way it is paid for by the beneficiary - not by the

:::Pier 40 being renewed for private vehicle storage puts the kabash on a
:::lot of arguments.
:::Van Cortlandt Park has stables, betcha private horses too!

Based on a bunch of googling, I don't think so.  The equestrian center is
private, offers lessons to anyone who wants them, but their web site doesn't
say anything about boarding horses.  And their lesson prices don't suggest
that the rates are subsidized.

:::and lets not forget about the golf course.

That's public - fits the bike parking or car parking analogy.  You pay per
use, anyone can use it.  Not analogous to permanent kayak storage.

I'm all for having as much kayak storage as it takes to meet ALL of the
demand - LOTS of it, that is.  And obviously it has to be on the waterfront,
since it's a water-dependent activity (which many activities now on the
waterfront are not, e.g golf driving ranges, gyms, trapezes, etc. etc.).
But I don't think private kayak storage should be paid for by the
non-kayaking taxpayers.  I think it should be paid for by those who get to
store their kayaks. 

If there were enough rentable kayak rack space on the water, there wouldn't
be issues about having to put in volunteer hours to store boats at DTBH.
Those who preferred to pay in money would, those who preferred to pay in
volunteer hours would do that.

So I'm with Bonnie, the strategy would certainly be to work for as much
kayak storage space as you can possibly get.

Easy for me to say, I don't even live in NY!  :-)  Though I will say that I
sometimes daydream of returning to NY, and the lack of a place to keep my
kayak is one thing that deters me.


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