NYCkayaker Private Boat Storage on the East River

Erik Baard
Thu Nov 2 08:25:35 EST 2006

Hi again, displaced kayakers,

Forgive me for repeating this, but the LIC Community Boathouse is 
recruiting a private kayak storage outfit to operate on the East River 
at Anable Basin. Our launch is on private land, not public, and we have 
a protected slip and a 12,000 square foot/25" ceiling shed with 
bathrooms on a newly restored pier. Wakes are not an issue -- Anable 
Basin is sheltered by the tip of Roosevelt Island. We have a floating 
dock, will soon get a larger one, and aim to shift from a ladder to a 
ramp in the new season.

You launch right into the most gorgeous views -- UN, Chrysler Building, 
Empire State Building...

You'll love the East River.

Salty regards,


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