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Richard Clifford
Fri Nov 3 09:33:22 EST 2006

    Here is a story to be added to one of those fabulous lists of 
visiting creatures and strange sightings that Erik Baard has been 
creating lately.
    A friend tells me that he has seen these out at Montaulk. They are 
easily confused with whale sightings because they can be huge (from my 
POV).  I hope that you enjoy this one. 
    Best wishes, Richard Clifford

          Giant Ocean Sunfish Sighted in Larchmont Harbor

    / by Judy Silberstein /

    (November 2, 2006) A Mamaroneck resident fishing for sea bass in
    Larchmont Harbor early Wednesday morning encountered an immense sea
    creature with a shark-like dorsal fin. "I saw to my great surprise,
    what looked like a good-sized fin breaking the surface of the water,
    almost lazily slapping the water. My first thought was ...shark,
    definitely not...wrong shape and moving too slow," reported Bob
    Garry in an e-mail to the Gazette. .........

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