NYCkayaker re boathouses on the hudson, etc.

Robert Huszar
Fri Nov 3 11:08:07 EST 2006

Yes, but the problem with registration . . . is where does it end.  How 
many accidents are also caused by pedestrians walking and talking on their 
cell phones and not paying attention.  Does that mean we register everyone 
who owns a cellphone????


On Fri, 3 Nov 2006, Ken Gray wrote:

> There are two overriding issues everyone is overlooking on this topic:  responsibility and knowledge.  I'm sure most people posting here are very capable, sensible and safety-conscious.
> If launching areas are available without license or registration, they will be abused by the unknowing amateur.  Don't underestimate the stupidity and recklessness of the untrained, especially kids.  Speaking of the Hudson around the metropolitan area, this is not Down by the Old Mill Stream.  I envision lots of poorly designed inflatables being launched, lots of people without PFDs.
> I believe everyone should be registered.  The bike analogy is a poor one.  Bicycles should be registered.  How many pedestrians have been injured by bikes going on sidewalks or the wrong way on one-way streets?  And just so you know where I'm coming from, I think that cars should be restricted in Manhattan and more bike lanes provided.
> I think there should be greater access to the water, but it's gotta be regulated for safety reasons in some way.
> Ken

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