NYCkayaker boathouses on the Hudson river in NYC

mike pidel
Fri Nov 3 12:33:45 EST 2006

Here's the breakdown for New York state, also realize that NYS has
imposed a surcharge on all boat registrations, just more money to divert
into another agency pockets
"State Aid
Three quarters of the money collected from vessel registration fees are
provided for distribution to localities which operate marine patrols.
While this money, which may reach as much as $3 million per year, goes
primarily to the county sheriffs and police departments, some of it is
also given to towns and villages. A participating agency may receive aid
equal to 75% of their total operating, capital, and personnel expenses,
refunded up to a maximum of $300,000.
Some of the items considered for reimbursement include:

    * Patrol Boats
    * Motors
    * Trailers
    * Safety Equipment
    * Fuel & Oil

    * Payroll
    * Training
    * Uniforms
    * Travel
Other items may be considered with prior approval from OPRHP.

In recent years the amount of money available from boat registrations
has not been able to keep pace with rising local expenses. With the
recent increase in registration fees, it is expected that the full 75%
reimbursement will once again be offered.>>

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>>ACA position on registration - good reading, gets you thinking about
>>underlying arguments for & against -
>>One quote that popped out:
>>"State boating agencies should have a clear record of collaborating
>>and serving the needs of the paddlesports community prior to seeking
>>funding support from paddlers."

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