NYCkayaker re boathouses on the Hudson, etc.

Kate Cahill
Fri Nov 3 12:34:44 EST 2006

OK you guys-- it's obvious that the chillier weather has gotten most of you
off the water and seeking an outlet for your kayaking energies!

Just to add another 2 or 3 cents

The recent e-mail suggesting writing our opinions to the "powers that be"
(instead of just kvetching) makes sense.

I totally agree w/ you David on not regulating and keeping (and increasing)
casual access to the river.

I think Erik's ideas about emphasizing the connection between neighborhood
and shorelines/waterways is great.

One of the big issues in the Kayak vs. bicyclist vs. cell phoning pedestrian
is-- it doesn't cost that much to rescue a pedestrian. When was the last
time anyone heard of a (non-montain) bicyclist needing to be heliocoptered
out of somewhere?

I think as a society we have come to expect a high level of intercession
when our "extreme" activities go awry.
This attitude leads to over-regulation, the need for permits and

I'm not sure what the answer is to these on going problems, but it seems
like perhaps (esp. in NYC) teaching basic safety instructions (land and
water) in school might be a good place to start and reach the largest
(maybe we could have a regulation that everyone HAS to be a Boy or Girl
Scout and get a certain number of merit badges in order to graduate Middle


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