NYCkayaker PCB Cleanup of Hudson

Fri Nov 3 14:41:50 EST 2006

The following notice was just received. Based on the history of the PCB
cleanup litigation, I doubt that this is the final takeout, but it sounds
like a major milestone. (I hope this doesn't influence anyone to vote
Republican, who wouldn't have otherwise; after all the EPA is a
non-political government agency, isn't it ?).


Marty Cohen



                                 Alan J. Steinberg

                                 EPA Regional Administrator

                   Court Approval of Hudson River Settlement

                                         November 2, 2006


The United States is pleased to announce that today, the landmark settlement
between the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the General Electric
Company (GE) for the Hudson River PCBs site was approved by Federal District
Court Judge David N. Hurd.  This allows the cleanup of the Hudson River to
proceed.  Under the approved Consent Decree, GE will construct a sediment
transfer/processing facility in Fort Edward, NY and perform the first phase
of the dredging of the PCB-contaminated river sediments, and may perform the
second phase of the dredging as well.


Now that the court has approved the Consent Decree, we can all look forward
to seeing the benefits of cleaning up the Hudson River.  EPA will continue
to work with the affected communities and other stakeholders as the
implementation of the remedy proceeds.



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