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Stone Ridge -  For nearly 20 years, JON BOWERMASTER has written about
adventure, the environment, and exotic corners of the world for a variety of
national and international publications, ranging from National Geographic to
the New York Times Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly to Outside. He has written
eight books, three with renowned polar explorer Will Steger. His travels
have taken him to seven continents and included two-person sledging across
Antarctica, sailing a 60-foot sailboat across the Atlantic, and first
descents of rivers from Chile to China.
While Bowermaster¹s travels may take him to the ends of the earth, he loves
to share his findings with hometown folks first. That will be the case this
fall when he offers screenings of the two latest installments of his OCEANS
8 project as a benefit for the Stone Ridge Library.
On Friday, November 10, Jon Bowermaster will debut BORDERLAND, from his 2005
expedition kayaking the coast of Croatia and its 1,200 islands, a film that
deals in large part with overfishing in the AdriaticŠplus, swimming with
600-pound tuna!  The program will segue to the documentary from his 1999
expedition to the Aleutian Islands, BIRTHPLACE OF THE WINDS‹a film that Jon
says could be his favorite to-date.
The program will begin at 7pm at the Marbletown Community Center, across
from Key Bank on Route 209 in Stone Ridge. Tickets are $10 for adults;
children under 12 will be admitted free of charge. Special prizes will be
auctioned, and refreshments will be served.
Books and DVS of  the films will available for purchase and author signing,
in time for holiday gift giving. These include ³Birthplace of the Winds,²
the story of Jon¹s Aleutian Island expedition and a recently published
collections of stories, ³Alone Against the Seas.²
The OCEANS 8 project is a series of expeditions launched to explore the
world¹s oceans from the seat of a sea kayak‹one continent at a time‹studying
the health of the world¹s seas and the lives of people who depend on them.
Used as both transportation and as floating ambassadors, sea kayaks allow
Bowermaster and his teams, comprised of some of the world¹s top
photographers, filmmakers, scientists and navigators, to reach corners of
the globe rarely seen. The goal of each expedition is adventure crossed with
exploration of local cultures, histories, environmental issues and the
future of these varied regions.
Around the planet more than 3 billion people live within 35 miles of a coast
and depend on the seas that surround. Meanwhile, impacts on marine
ecosystems have compromised the relationship between the world¹s oceans and
humanity. OCEANS 8 allows for a unique exploration of this profound
So far, expeditions to the Aleutian Islands, Vietnam, French Polynesia,
South America¹s Altiplano, the wild coasts of Gabon, Croatia and Tasmania
have resulted in coverage from a variety of mediums in several countries,
including online, television and magazine interviews and reports.  To answer
the obvious question, "What's next?," Jon responds, "Antarctica!"
Jon's lectures about these trips have taken him across North America,
reaching audiences in the tens of thousands. The end of the OCEANS 8 project
will see the creation of all-encompassing books, films and lectures, drawing
on a grand collection of accumulated photos, film and stories, and will
present a unique look-back at the state of life on the oceans in the
fledgling years of the 21st century.
For more information about Jon¹s work and writings, please visit <> .
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