[NYCkayaker] Boating on the Hudson magazine - Better email!

bonnie13@earthlink.net bonnie13@earthlink.net
Tue Apr 2 09:40:50 EDT 2013

Hi, I got word that the contact email I'd included was bad - checked in with Lex on the Boating on the Hudson FB page, use this instead: 


That was actually what he'd given originally but he'd put up the boatingonthehudson one later in the discussion & I'd picked that one up. 
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>Subject: Boating on the Hudson magazine seeks Hudson River boaters for a new series
>Just passing on a request for interviewees for a new series that one of the editors at Boating on the Hudson magazine (website: http://www.boatingonthehudson.com/) is starting, featuring Hudson River boaters. I'm a Jamaica Bay boater now so I can't volunteer but it would be fun to see some paddlers & rowers in there! 
>Here's the request: 
>I want to start a new series featuring YOU The Boater on The Hudson River. If you would be willing to be interviewed by me, it will only take about 15 minutes. We'll simply be talking about your boat, some of your experiences boating and your inspiration to become a boater.  I'm open to all types of boaters including paddle boarders, windsurfers, kayaks and sailboats. Email me directly at Lex@BoatingOnTheHudson.com for more details.  

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