[NYCkayaker] HEP Grant DUNS Number Requirement.

Erik Baard erikbaard@gmail.com
Wed Apr 3 09:33:53 EDT 2013

Hi All,

A requirement of the HEP grant due today (NEW YORK-NEW JERSEY HARBOR &
something called a DUNS number. This was new to me, and might be to a few
others out there. I'm posting this so no one stumbles at the finish line
over red tape. Chalk this email up to helping the competition!   ;)

As explained on the Title Page guideline:

H. DUNS Number: A DUNS number is a unique, non-indicative 9-digit
identifier that verifies
the existence of a business entity globally. Contractors must provide
NEIWPCC with a
DUNS number to comply with an administrative condition of NEIWPCC’s EPA
(individuals are exempt).

It used to be that you could call and receive a DUNS Number in 10 minutes,
but now for security reasons all applications are done online. The service
notes that turnaround is one or two business days. But fret not about the
deadline: you can register online and then call the telephone line with
your confirmation information for expedited service.

To speed you through, below are the instructions emailed to me by a DUNS
Number client agent today:

Thank you for calling D&B’s Government Customer Response Center.  iUpdate
will provide you *quick*, *convenient* and *secure* access to request a new
D-U-N-S Number or access to D&B’s information on your business.  Registered
users can view, print, and submit updates to their D&B Business Information
Report in a secure environment through a streamlined process.******

** **

Please follow the below steps and read the attached document to assist you
with your new D-U-N-S Number request:   ****

1.     Click or copy the following link to your browser

2.     Click on “Begin D-U-N-S Search / Request Process” at the top of the
left hand tool bar****

3.     In the “Search” screen select “United States of America” (It will be
at the top of the list) from the drop down list and click “Continue”****

4.     In the “iUpdate – Webform Page” click on “Continue to iUpdate” arrow
at the bottom of the screen****

5.     In iUpdate, locate the center box titled “Find DUNS or Request new
DUNS” and click on the “Start Now” button****

6.     Read the attachment “Step-by-Step Process for Customers”
document.  This will assist you in the process. ****

7.     You must first make sure we do not already have your company on
file.  In the “Company Look-up” screen, please enter your Business Name,
City and State and click the “Search” button.****

A.    Utilize the attached “Step-by-Step Process for Customers” document to
assist you through the process****

8.     If you do not locate your company, click on the “Request a D-U-N-S
Number” arrow at the bottom of the screen****

9.     You will now be in the New D-U-N-S Registration Process.  Two *IMPORTANT

A.    This *PERSONAL* information is required at this step to validate your
*PERSONAL* identity and eliminate fraudulent activity.  *Do not* enter your
*company address* as your registration will *fail.*****

B.    Please ensure you see the ReCaptcha box at the bottom of the screen
(see below screen shot)  If you do not have the ReCaptcha box, you will
need to return to Step 8.  When you get the box “Do you want to view only
the webpage content that was delivered securely?” Click the “No” button.

10. Now complete the process.****

11.  Once you have completed the entire process, you will receive a
confirmation email.  It will take *24 to 48 hours to receive your D-U-N-S
Number*, which you will receive via email for your records.

*Please see the included steps and attachment for helpful tips when
registering.  Also, please be sure to use Internet Explorer, if possible,
and have Pop-Ups at least temporarily enabled, in order to register

During the personal verification process:

*If your home and business address are the same; for example, you live on
32 Main St., spell street out on the individual details side, and
abbreviate it on the business info side.  That way the address is not
exactly the same when the information is entered, and doesn't conflict with
the system process.*

Generally you want to go with what is listed on your drivers license,
during the personal authentication portion.



Thank you for using iUpdate,

*D&B's Government Customer Response Center*


Erik Baard
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