[NYCkayaker] June 15 and 16: Clearwater Festival! SAVE THE DATE! :)

Erik Baard erikbaard@gmail.com
Sat Apr 6 15:36:50 EDT 2013

Hello Friends,

Please mark your calendars for June 15 and 16, for the Clearwater Festival:
Great Hudson River Revival! This is the Hudson River's greatest gathering
of paddlers and environmentalists. For me, the Festival and City of Water
Day are the two most important dates of the summer for uniting water access
with marine ecology. And they both offer camping!

More here:


We owe such gratitude to Pete Seeger for his pioneering work for cleaner
waters and ecological education, on the Hudson River and nationally. The
Clearwater Sloop he built, and the festival of music that bears its name,
embody that continuing mission. The Festival is the critical fundraiser for
that work.

HarborLAB is honored to be the official public paddling partner of the
Festival's "Working Waterfront," which thrives with a member of this list,
Eric Russel, as a coordinator alongside Hudson Valley Clearwater advocate
Stan Dickstein. It's a joyful expression of thanks for past achievements
and a commitment to future generations.

This is a great chance to meaningfully advance the cause of healthy estuary
ecology in all corners of our harbor, from gorgeous preserves to currently
toxic channels. See something you love and you want to protect on our
harbor? See a pollution problem that must be fixed? Come to the Festival
and make your case to the many government agencies, environmental
nonprofits, and green businesses who'll be participating!

Come out for relaxing fun, music, learning, and camaraderie on clean

Best regards,

Erik Baard

Erik Baard
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