[NYCkayaker] Riverkeeper Hudson Sweep - May 11

Marcos Dinnerstein marcos.dinnerstein@gmail.com
Sun Apr 14 21:44:25 EDT 2013

Hi All,

For those who expressed an interest in helping to clean the Mitsuwa beach I
have to report we need a new plan.  Mitsuwa beach is pretty clean. I
checked a week ago.*

I'll be speaking with someone from the  Palisades Interstate Park
Commission tomorrow re: a possible cleanup site just below the George
Washington Bridge but input from any/all of you would be great.

If any of our winter paddlers have any ideas on where we might do a clean
up please speak up.

I'll report on tomorrow's call.



*The idea to actually go and check the beach before asking people to commit
their time and efforts was completely my personal inspiration. The rumor
that Peter Reilly suggested this to me is probably not true. At least
that's the way I'd like to remember  - uh, what's that you say, Peter? I
should just shut up and say Thank you?. Umm... OK, thanks Peter.

Marcos Dinnerstein
Cell: 917-334-3558

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