[NYCkayaker] Funding dropped for USGS monitoring in NYC.

Erik Baard erikbaard@gmail.com
Thu Apr 18 12:23:08 EDT 2013

Hi All,

As part of budget sequestration, funding for US Geological Survey
monitoring of stream flow (which I believe should translate for us into CSO
levels) and other conditions has been cut. Suspension of this service is to
begin May 1, just as we gear up for our public programs' season, When these
stations are eventually restored, in part through citizen lobbying, we
should consider using the USGS customization tools for the NYC Water Trail.

Below are links, key text sections, and contacts regarding this issue:

NYC and western Nassau County stations that lost funding -

<<NOTICE (04/09/2013) -- Funding dropped for USGS monitoring network in the
five boroughs of New York City.
Data collection from 213 groundwater stations, 10 surface-water stations, 1
meteorological station, and 133 water-quality stations in the five boroughs
of New York and extreme western Nassau County will be suspended at the end
of the month (May 1, 2013) due to elimination of the program by a funding
partner... For more information or to help support these sites please
contact Ron Busciolano (rjbuscio@usgs.gov) or Stephen Terracciano (
saterrac@usgs.gov) at the USGS New York Water Science Center, Coram Program
Office at (631) 736-0783 or at the emails listed above.>>

Threatened Streamgages <http://waterdata.usgs.gov/ny/nwis/rt#streamgages>
Threatened Precipitation
Threatened Groundwater Sites<http://waterdata.usgs.gov/ny/nwis/rt#groundwater>


*USGS to Discontinue Streamgages Due to Sequestration:* The U.S.Geological
Survey (USGS) will discontinue operation of up to 375 streamgages
nationwide due to budget cuts as a result of sequestration. Additional
streamgages may be affected if partners reduce their funding to support
USGS streamgages. The USGS is working to identify which streamgages will be
impacted and will post this information as it becomes available.
Streamgages are used nationwide to predict and address drought and flood
conditions by monitoring water availability. The USGS and over 850 Federal,
State, and local agencies cooperatively fund the USGS streamgaging network,
which consists of over 8,000 streamgages. When budget fluctuations occur,
the network is impacted.
*If you have questions about specific stations or would like additional
please contact Ward Freeman (518-285-5665

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