[NYCkayaker] Lake Tiorati Trip Report & Pass Availability

Lee Reiser/Leona Fontaine lee060@earthlink.net
Sun Apr 21 08:24:59 EDT 2013

Hi All,
 Paddled Lake Tiorati in Harriman State Park Yesterday. Sunny with a few clouds scudding by. Very windy, 15-20 knots with 25 knot gusts. Water temperature taken with my trusty pool thermometer was 49 degrees! Glad I had the drysuit with underneath layers on! Went out alone so I stayed close to the shoreline all around the perimeter of the lake and made sure I had all my self rescue safety gear handy.
 Saw 3-4 active Beaver lodges and many Canada Geese nests with a male or female hunkered down incubating their eggs. Didn't see the giant female Snapping Turtle in her usual place yet. Perhaps it was too cold for her.

 I buy a pass and gate key ($45)from the Palsades Interstate Park System every year which allows me to paddle Lakes Welch, Sebago, Kanawaukee, Skannitati, Askoti, Stahahi, Silvermine, Turkey Lake etc., as well as the subject lake. Also lets me paddle at Lake Minnewaska (small but gorgeous) near New Paltz and to launch and paddle at Nyack Beach State Park, Upper Nyack NY, where one can paddle along the cliffs or walk (pass not needed) along the Riverside Trail all the way to Haverstraw and back.

 If you are interested in purchasing this pass, bring each boat ($30/each) along with a paddle and a PFD. You must have these and show them to a Park Ranger to get a key($15). Boat inspections and passes issued at Tiorati Circle Ranger Station, Seven Lakes Parkway which can be accessed off of Rte 17 N. Sloatsburg, NY
 Be safe out there especially now,

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