[NYCkayaker] Revised Delaware & Raritan Canal Trip

Lee Reiser/Leona Fontaine lee060@earthlink.net
Sun Apr 21 08:30:39 EDT 2013

Hi Everyone,

I have revised this trip from a paddling trip where conditions are known and a plan will be followed to a scouting trip.  That means that I have not paddled the stretch planned and that there could be unusual problems to surmount.  Please let me know if you still plan to join us. The forecast is for 64 with increasing cloudiness throughout the day.  Please remember the water will be cold.  Wet or dry suit is advised.  If not, have a couple of changes of clothes in a dry bag and in  your car.
Let me know if you are still coming.

April 28th 2013
Revised Delaware & Raritan Canal Trip
This will be a scouting trip
PFDs are mandatory.  Wet, dry suit or 2 changes of non-cotton clothes in a drybag is strongly advised.  Water is in mid 50s.  

The Delaware and Raritan Canal is about 48 miles long including the feeder canal and has a number of access points.  Our plan is to meet at a parking area about two blocks from the put in. The canal parallels the Millstone River through rural and light suburban settings.  A strip of park land and a walking trail runs between the canal and the river.

Due to construction activity on the canal the section that I normally paddle is closed to public use.  I believe they are doing a dredging project.

Our new launch point, as recommended by the parks folks is at Griggstown and allows us to travel in either direction.

Trip 1 would head about .7 miles to the Griggstown lock.  I believe there are small docks on this section of the canal to allow for easy access and portage, but I am not sure.  Beyond the lock is about 3 miles of open paddling before the next bridge and then two miles to the next lock making about a 12 mile round trip with one short portage.  Most of the bridges are very low, but high enough to pass under if you crouch down in the boat.  I don’t know how high this one will be.  It could require a second portage. 

An alternative trip of 7 miles could of a 3.5 mile stretch of the canal from here to the Blackwell’s Mills Causeway.  The bridge here is very low and there is no dock.

Either way we will need to check out the put in.  The canal bank is usually quite steep and makes for a difficult put in without a dock.  

Driving Directions.

Allow at least 1.25 hour drive time from 80 and the Turnpike which meet on the NJ side past the GWB.

Lee’s Cell is 914-374-7954, Home 845-352-0162

Griggstown, NJ
Take the Turnpike South to exit 9.
Merge onto NJ-18 N toward US-1/New Brunswick for 1.4 mi.
Merge onto U.S. 1 S via the ramp to Trenton/Princeton for 6.6 mi.
Turn right onto County Rd 682/Finnegans Ln for 1.1 mi.
Turn left onto NJ-27 S/Lincoln Hwy for 2.4 mi.
Turn right onto County Road 632 W/Bunker Hill Rd for 2.4 mi.
Turn left onto County Road 632 W/Canal Rd for .6 mi.
Take the 1st right onto County Road 632 W/Griggstown Causeway.
We will meet at the parking area on the left about two blocks distance past the canal.

  We will meet here at 10:30 am. 

The water is flat and moves very slowly.  We may spot turtles, ducks, geese and other birds along with lily pads, frogs, etc. We might need to carry past very low bridges.  Plan on a paddling time of 3 hours or less.

After paddling we will have the option of stopping in a local restaurant for an early dinner.   If you just want to paddle that’s ok too.

For more info check out maps http://www.dandrcanal.com/maps.html 
or History http://www.dandrcanal.com/gen_info.html   http://www.woodrow.org/teachers/esi/1997/43/Hist.htm http://www.fodc.org/history/fodchtry.htm 
or a trip report http://www.paddling.net/places/showReport.html?382  

Please arrange your own car pools and boat transport. 


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