[NYCkayaker] kayak race timer arrested yesterday?

Ray Fusco Ray@rayfuscoinc.com
Mon Apr 22 09:20:57 EDT 2013

Hi Group,

Does anyone know anything about this?

There was a small incident where police stopped a man on a bike riding against race traffic with a large backpack. Inside his backpack was a cardboard box with holes for triggers and a screen with a clock, which had NYPD ready to arrest him. 

In the end, he was a timer on his way to time a kayak race and his timing equipment was in a box to protect it from weather.   I'm wondering if anyone might know who this person is and what kind of timing equipment he might have had?

As far as I know, he was released but some people were upset that he should not have been in the park riding against a race with everyone on high alert. My thought is that he probably had no idea about the race. 

Ray Fusco

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