[NYCkayaker] {NYCWTA} kayak race timer arrested yesterday?

Agassi Nakhapetian agas6@yahoo.com
Mon Apr 22 09:41:17 EDT 2013

I know the person and feel really bad about this incident.
Naturally there was no ill intent on his part. When it comes to the timer-its used for timing practices and sprint drills.
I don't know what the outcomes of this incident should be as I was not there and don't know the details but I would assume that biker may get a ticket for riding where he was not suppose to be biking and police may need to provide public apology for holding this person and/or compensate for any stress caused.
as far as causing alert-i don't how and if we as members of society we should alter our lives in fear of causing high alert.
does that mean that we should stop carrying large cases? or stop wearing dark sunglasses? 
I think we should continue to go about our business and people paid to protect us should do what they need to keep us safe, hopefully without abusing power. and if we happen to cross the line-not forget to rectify the damage.

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Hi Group,

Does anyone know anything about this?

There was a small incident where police stopped a man on a bike riding against race traffic with a large backpack. Inside his backpack was a cardboard box with holes for triggers and a screen with a clock, which had NYPD ready to arrest him. 

In the end, he was a timer on his way to time a kayak race and his timing equipment was in a box to protect it from weather.   I'm wondering if anyone might know who this person is and what kind of timing equipment he might have had?

As far as I know, he was released but some people were upset that he should not have been in the park riding against a race with everyone on high alert. My thought is that he probably had no idea about the race. 

Ray Fusco

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