[NYCkayaker] Dont believe everything in the Newspaper Re: {NYCWTA} kayak race timer arrested yesterday?

William haawill@yahoo.com
Tue Apr 23 13:06:25 EDT 2013

Newspaper stories can be soooooo distorted. On my cross-country (NYC- Fairbanks) bicycle expedition, I was interviewed by several newspapers. One of them had me riding my bicycle up Pikes Peak, CO (14,110 ft) ... not true  ... but then again, I did get lost on Pike's hiking in early Spring ... but that's another story.
Will / NJ 

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Don't believe everything you read in the news - especially the NY Post!

The were multiple distortions in the story.  He was not riding against
traffic and was not riding amongst the runners.  He stopped immediately
when told to do so.  He did have ID and readily provided it.  I imagine if
he didn't stop immediately or provide ID, he would have been arrested.

Half the road was reserved for the race participants by cones while the
other half was used by everyone else - runners not part of the race, people
with strollers, and cyclists including myself.  I was carrying a large
backpack and did not see any signs about backpacks nor did anyone tell me
that backpacks were not allowed.

He was unaware that a running race was scheduled in the park.  He was
commuting to meet a friend and get a ride to the pool session where the
timer is used.

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> NYCKayaker:
> As I read the story. He was not arrested. He is a foreign student. He did
> start a bike ride, however, from Harlem to New Jersey and back without
> identification. Along the way he continued with his foolish ways vis-a-vis
> the race officials & police officers.
> Were some kind of (terrible) accident to happen to him along his journey he
> ends up "John Doe" at Bellevue Hospital, or the NYC Medical Examiners'
> office prat Potter's field on Ward Island. None are good outcomes.
> Perhaps one of his friends should step up and give him a massive dose of
> common/street sense.
> Richard
> On Monday, April 22, 2013, Chris Schiffner wrote:
> > Riding a bike near a finish line is trouble? Sure... I suppose anyone
> > wearing sunglasses near a finish line, carrying any bag, or not walking
> > fast (or slow) enough is trouble too. In fact,  we should outlaw any and
> > all travel. And don't get me started on people transporting goods. Send
> em
> > to Guantanamo!
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