[NYCkayaker] If May11th doesn't work for you ... Re: Hudson River Sweep - May 11

William haawill@yahoo.com
Wed Apr 24 12:09:27 EDT 2013

If May 11th date doesn't work for you, there are several things going on this weekend:
Here's some things from the PIP commission's website.
Will / NJ 
Red Looksha Iv ... before there was a Iv 
Saturday, April 27
“Emergency Shoreline Cleanup” Meet 10 AM at State Line Lookout. The clean-up will entail a short hike down the Forest View Trail, where trash left by Hurricane Sandy will be gathered and piled along the trail for pick-up. We will provide trashbags, litter sticks, rubber gloves, and treats. For more information: 201 768-1360 ext. 110 /mailto:cfehre@njpalisades.org.
Sunday, April 28
“Arbor Day Tree Planing” Volunteer tree planting for all ages. 10 AM - 1 PM at State Line Lookout. For more information: 201 768-1360 ext. 110 /mailto:cfehre@njpalisades.org. 
“Visitors’ Day at Greenbrook Sanctuary” Greenbrook Sanctuary open to the public 12–4 PM. Free. For more information: 201 784-0484.

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Hi all,

The part of this cleanup day that I've help organize will be meeting at
Hazard's Dock at 11:00am. We'll then move over to the beach just south of
there. Come one, come all, come some. To register for this one in
particular you can go here:


'To sweep, perchance to dweam' - Elmer Fudd

See you there.

With starry eyes and a dollop of optimism,


Marcos Dinnerstein
Cell: 917-334-3558
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