[NYCkayaker] Petition by NJ boaters on Barnegat Bay

Martin Gonzalez gonzalez.lauck@gmail.com
Sun Apr 28 17:36:29 EDT 2013

Passing this along should it speak to any of you.  Note from friend: " Would
you please consider signing a petition to make boating safer in NJ.  A
friend from our community lost her husband & her two sons lost their father
in a tragic hit & run boating accident.  The driver of the boat left the
scene & waited at least a day to turn himself in.  The family has decided to
focus on working to improve NJ boating laws for safer & kinder waters in our
state.  Please consider supporting their cause.  Below is the link for this
petition.  Did you know that leaving the scene in an auto accident that
causes serious harm is a 3rd degree felony?  On the water in New Jersey, it
is a $25 summons.  This is wrong and happened to a friend of mine who died
in a boating accident along with two others that were seriously injured.  A
group of NJ boaters on Barnegat Bay has a petition to try to get this
changed with legislation. We have almost approaching 300 signatures but need
many more. Please support us by signing this petition and then passing it to
your friends with a request for their support. Thanks.
ater      "




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