[NYCkayaker] Fw: Instructor training workshop at Lake Sebago

Linda Peterson surenoproblem27@yahoo.com
Tue Apr 30 19:54:30 EDT 2013

Hi everyone,

   Response was so overwhelming for the first Instructor training with Chris Raab that I decided to have another one which will be held at Lake Sebago. So if you missed the first one or the dates did not work out for you, here is another opportunity.  Registration has started for this instructor training workshop (this workshop is geared for the person who wants to teach coastal kayaking skills).  There are cabin rentals and a tent site area available on site, let me know if you need to make reservations.  Class size is limited so RSVP as soon as possible.  Below are all the details, if you need more information feel free to contact me.

Linda Peterson
Camp Director of Lake Sebago

July 13, 14, 21, and 22            Levels 1-2  IDW/ICE 
Assessment Overview: To become an ACA certified instructor you must satisfactorily complete both                  an Instructor Development Workshop (IDW) and an Instructor Certification Exam (ICE).                            Below are the ACA links to the requirements for each level.  It is highly recommended that all                  participants attend all five days of instruction since assessment is ongoing throughout the                    entire instructional period. 
                     Level 1:
                           Level 2:
Cost:  $505 which includes 4 lunches, 2 camp potlucks, and ACA daily fees
RSVP by: ASAP to Linda Peterson at surenoproblem27@yahoo.com

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