[NYCkayaker] Sunday August 25th Paddle Making Class 10 AM to ~5PM

Pat Slaven pat.slaven@gmail.com
Mon Aug 5 15:24:33 EDT 2013

All: Chris Raab will lead a Greenland paddle making workshop at at the YPRC
Boat Building shop at JFK Marina.  The cost per person is $100.

To enroll contact Chris at tuktupaddles@verizon.net

This 6 hour class teaches students to make a traditional Greenland paddle.
Each participant will carve a paddle under direction of an experienced
mentor. We provide instruction,all the tools and a paddle blank. You
provide the elbow grease and go home with a new Greenland paddle!

*Class description:*
Greenland paddles are intended to to custom fit only one person. With that
in mind we will begin the class by discussing sizing and options to
consider when making a paddle.
We will discuss how you can mark and cut a paddle blank at home in the
event you want to make another one.

We will then discuss tool safety and carving techniques while we outline
how to carve a paddle. Its then time to start working on your paddle.
*You do not need to have any special skills to participate in this class,
anyone can make a paddle.*

*What you will need to bring:*
• Lunch- please pack a lunch and something to drink.
• No tools are required- We will provide all the tools needed to make a
paddle. You may want to bring work gloves to protect your hands from
blisters and splinters. If you would like to bring your own tools you will
want a block plane with a sharp blade. Both Stanley and Buck make a good 7"
plane that may be purchased at home depot for about $25.00. You may also
want a spoke shave, sand paper, a small picnic table bench, 2 clamps to
hold the blank to the surface. ( I like to use 18" bar clamps by Jorgensen)
saw horse or other comfortable work surface to hold your blank while you
• Clothing-We will be OUTSIDE ALL DAY RAIN OR SHINE. If it is raining we
will be under a large tent or under a pavilion depending upon the location,
but we will be outside so dress for the weather.

*What will be provided:*
- All the tools that you will need
- Instruction and guidance through out the day.
- A cedar or spruce paddle blank
- Good cheer!

Enroll by emailing: Chris Raab at  tuktupaddles@verizon.net

 Nothing happens unless first a dream - Carl Sandburg

Pat Slaven

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