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Alan, there seems to be some confusion between the dates you stated and the 
ones that Lee responded too.  So instead of having someone else figure it 
out for you, just get a tide table ( I use an app called U.S.A. Tides) and 
pick a spot near Cold Spring or Bannerman's.  With this app I use Newburgh. 
The general rule for this section of the Hudson is the current continues for 
about 2 hours after the tide reaches either high or low.  That is at low 
tide the current will continue to ebb for an additional 2 hours and at high 
tide the flood will continue for 2 more hours.  Just don't be confused by 
water level.  During the last 2 hours of the ebb the water level will 
actually rise (it sort of fills in from up river) and during the last 2 
hours of the flood the water level will drop.  If this confuses you just 
don't pay any attention to it.  Just follow the 2 hour rule.

Two more things about this section of the Hudson; one is that a strong wind 
(especially a north wind) will cause more difficulty that an opposing 
current. The second is that if you find yourself bucking a current head for 
the shore where you're certain to find less opposing current and more than 
likely favorable counter currents.


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Our group is interested in paddling from Cold Spring north to Bannerman's
Castle and then south to the West Point area.  Not being familiar with tides
there, can you suggest a logical launch time from Cold Spring on the
weekends of August 17-18 and August 24-25?  Thank you in advance.


North Shore Kayak Club

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