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Dear Alan & Rick,
 I checked those figures Soooo... carefully, but I put the month as 9 for Bept. not 8 for Aug.
Duh! Sorry for the "senior" moment.
 All data is correct otherwise.

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>Alan, there seems to be some confusion between the dates you stated and the 
>ones that Lee responded too.  So instead of having someone else figure it 
>out for you, just get a tide table ( I use an app called U.S.A. Tides) and 
>pick a spot near Cold Spring or Bannerman's.  With this app I use Newburgh. 
>The general rule for this section of the Hudson is the current continues for 
>about 2 hours after the tide reaches either high or low.  That is at low 
>tide the current will continue to ebb for an additional 2 hours and at high 
>tide the flood will continue for 2 more hours.  Just don't be confused by 
>water level.  During the last 2 hours of the ebb the water level will 
>actually rise (it sort of fills in from up river) and during the last 2 
>hours of the flood the water level will drop.  If this confuses you just 
>don't pay any attention to it.  Just follow the 2 hour rule.
>Two more things about this section of the Hudson; one is that a strong wind 
>(especially a north wind) will cause more difficulty that an opposing 
>current. The second is that if you find yourself bucking a current head for 
>the shore where you're certain to find less opposing current and more than 
>likely favorable counter currents.
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>Our group is interested in paddling from Cold Spring north to Bannerman's
>Castle and then south to the West Point area.  Not being familiar with tides
>there, can you suggest a logical launch time from Cold Spring on the
>weekends of August 17-18 and August 24-25?  Thank you in advance.
>North Shore Kayak Club
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