[NYCkayaker] Hackensack Bushwhack!

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Tue Aug 20 00:37:01 EDT 2013

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Hi All,

On August 24, HarborLAB will be paddling the Hackensack River on Saturday.
We'll be trailering our fleet out, so we can accommodate public paddlers
without their own boats and perhaps carry private kayaks too. This will be
a mellow, conversational, and wildlife watching outing. The timing is tied
to high water at the launch ramp (to avoid muck) but the 10AM-2PM schedule
is tentative (volunteer Paul Baker makes the final call) and doesn't
include loading and transit.

Please see our website and Facebook Fan Page for more:



We'd love to be joined by Hackensack Riverkeeper experts (we're emailing
them directly), or to be of service to Hackensack Riverkeeper by taking the
public that great organization serves on the tour. We also welcome other
folks looking to paddle somewhere new, like our own volunteers (mostly
based in western Queens).

Best regards,

Erik Baard

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