[NYCkayaker] Greenland Skills Workshop with Cheri & Turner, Oct 5 & 6 at Norrie State Park

Robin Read poolpaddler@gmail.com
Wed Aug 28 17:37:20 EDT 2013

Just wanted to reach out to area paddlers and let you know that Greenland
paddling experts Cheri Perry and Turner Wilson <http://kayakways.net/> will
be giving a 2-day instructional workshop October 5 & 6, at Norrie State
Park, hosted by Atlantic Kayak Tours  <http://atlantickayaktours.com/>.
Currently there are a couple of spots still available.

The sessions are limited to 8 participants, and will run from 9:00am–4pm.
The focus will be on learning and practicing Greenland-style rolling in the
morning, and paddling strokes and techniques with the Greenland paddle in
the afternoon. No previous Greenland-style experience is necessary: There
will be Greenland paddles available if you don't have your own.

Cheri and Turner are sole partners in Kayak Ways LLC, a venture based on
the notion that the traditional kayaking skills of the Inuit seal catchers
offer valuable lessons for the modern day recreational kayaker. For the
last six years they've have been going far and wide teaching these uniquely
consistent and practical kayaking skills.

   - Explore the elegance and ease of Greenland strokes: canted, sliding,
   vertical, bow and stern sweeps, bow and stern rudders, sculling draws
   - Learn the balance brace, sculling brace, and chest scull, as well as
   low, high, and deep pry brace recoveries
   - Engage the extensive Greenland rolling repertoire: layback, forward,
   and sculling rolls with the paddle, norsaq, hand, and more!

Cheri and Turner have mentored skinny stick skills all over the world.
Cheri competed in the Greenland National Kayaking Championships in both
2004 and 2005. She is widely regarded as one of the best Greenland-style
kayak rollers in the world. Turner is one of those rare paddlers outside of
Greenland who began paddling with a traditional blade. He competed in the
2005 Greenland National Kayaking Championships in Paamiut, winning six Gold

Cost is $175 for Saturday only; $325 for both days.

Fee is refundable until Sept 13; after that date, fee is refundable only if
your spot can be filled by someone else.

For more information, or to sign up, contact me at

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