[NYCkayaker] More Intro Sessions from NY Kayak Polo

Margaret Mann emmeo222@yahoo.com
Wed Feb 6 02:12:33 EST 2013

Want to try a new sport this year?  New York Kayak Polo has two intro sessions this week:

Wednesday, Feb 68pm - 10:30pm 

Saturday, Feb 95pm - 8pm

These sessions are in a warm pool.  See directions for driving or public transport to St. Peter's College, Jersey City at 
People often car-pool from NYC.  Email us at nykayakpolo@gmail.com if you would like to coordinate with others.

New players' first two (intro or regular) sessions in the winter season are free.  We go out to dinner after the Saturday sessions.

The intro sessions and Social Saturday sessions are perfect for anyone who is new to the sport as well as those who have played a little before.  Basic swimming ability is needed, but no paddling experience is necessary.  If you've not been in a kayak before, we'll teach you the basics.  We'll briefly go over safety rules and then have some casual games.  The emphasis at these sessions is only on fun and safety.

Kayak polo is a great way to learn to paddle, improve your paddling and rolling, or maintain your paddling skills through the winter.  It's a bit like basketball in kayaks.  It's also a great way to meet other sea and whitewater kayakers from the area.

People generally wear bathing suits or a t-shirt and shorts.  We have all the other gear you'll need.  Be prepared to get wet, and bring a towel - there are showers.

Please RSVP to nykayakpolo@gmail.com.  
See http://nykayakpolo.org/schedule.html for more information.

If you cannot make it this week, we will likely have more Intros next month. You can attend one of our Social Saturdays before then or ask us about our regular sessions.

Grab some friends and come out to try this exciting sport.

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