[NYCkayaker] Prescription sunglasses for canoeing/kayaking--Suggestions?

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Tue Feb 12 14:34:03 EST 2013

Here's a link to frames direct  Their prices seem to be fare . open link then go to left column menu 
and click on best prescription sunglasses , most major brands are there including Ray-Ban . 

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My car was broken into and I lost my RayBan prescription sunglasses.  I need to 
purchase new sunglasses and want something that is protective for the 
water--since that's where I use them.  Does anyone know of info or articles on 
this subject?  What brand prescription sunglasses have you used successfully?  
What colors are best for being in a canoe with light from above and below?  
Would anyone recommend a particular optometrist for this?  My old RayBans were 
over $400. with the lenses. (Seemed a bit expensive.)  I'm in Brooklyn, 60 years 
old and have the beginnings of cataracts.  Thanks, Bunita

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