[NYCkayaker] Prescription sunglasses for canoeing/kayaking--Suggestions?

David Quist davidquist@earthlink.net
Tue Feb 12 18:02:08 EST 2013

How about a pair of $20 sunglasses that are designed to go over your eyeglasses?  Cheap, no need to worry if anything happens to them, etc.  Gave better coverage than most of the frames available at the typical opticians.  I had prescription sunglasses, but kicked myself for not going this route sooner.  Can replace at most CVSs/Kinneys.

I'm a low key paddler, but they've been great, including days on the water in South Florida.

Just my .02


Bunita Marcus <b@bunitamarcus.com> wrote:

>My car was broken into and I lost my RayBan prescription sunglasses.  I
>need to purchase new sunglasses and want something that is protective
>for the water--since that's where I use them.  Does anyone know of info
>or articles on this subject?  What brand prescription sunglasses have
>you used successfully?  What colors are best for being in a canoe with
>light from above and below?  Would anyone recommend a particular
>optometrist for this?  My old RayBans were over $400. with the lenses.
>(Seemed a bit expensive.)  I'm in Brooklyn, 60 years old and have the
>beginnings of cataracts.  Thanks, Bunita
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