[NYCkayaker] The River is Free of Ice

Mark Heath mh22@columbia.edu
Sat Feb 23 13:33:51 EST 2013

Ice Report:

A useful ice report website with updated aerial photos of the ice  
upriver (but very slow and poorly organized)


Click on "Port Directory" in the banner near the top.

Wait about 10 seconds until the next page loads...

Select "New York" from the drop-down menu.

Wait another 10 seconds.....

Near the bottom, under "Waterways Management", you can click on "New:  
Icebreaking Operations"

Wait another 10 seconds....

You'll finally get to a page with a bunch of PDFs on the upper right.   
The best one, currently, is the 02/18/2013 Ice Flight, the first  
images are blue/blank, but further down you'll see great images of the  
ice conditions upriver.

Also, check out the PDF called "Photos of Different Ice Reporting  
Types" to learn about "Frazil Ice", "Brash Ice", "Grease Ice",  
"Pancake Ice", etc...

Enjoy.  Sorry I can't give direct links to the content, that's the way  
the website is structured.  It's pretty much the worst website I've  
seen in a decade or so, but it's well worth the effort in terms of the  
info you get when you finally make it good content.
(also, based on the codes in the location bar of the browser, it may  
be tracking users...maybe a web engineer on the listserv can educate  
us about what these long codes are for...)


Quoting Rick Langer <farreach@optonline.net>:

> For those who have been waiting out winter, the river is now completely
> free of ice at Cold Spring.  Foundry Cove Launch and World's End are
> open. There are only a few small bergs, but the marsh is still hard.
> rick **********************************************************************
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