[NYCkayaker] The River is Free of Ice

Rick Langer farreach@optonline.net
Sun Feb 24 13:41:12 EST 2013

I paddle out of Cold Spring every day, so if anyone wants a report base on 
actual experience, just contact me via back channel.

Even though it's warming up, that doesn't always mean less ice.  I reported 
yesterday that there was very little ice, but today the jetsam/flotsam band 
was loaded with ice, which made navigation rather difficult and other than 
just a few places to cross it was not navigable.


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> Ice Report:
> A useful ice report website with updated aerial photos of the ice
> upriver (but very slow and poorly organized)
> https://homeport.uscg.mil/mycg/portal/ep/home.do
> Click on "Port Directory" in the banner near the top.
> Wait about 10 seconds until the next page loads...
> Select "New York" from the drop-down menu.
> Wait another 10 seconds.....
> Near the bottom, under "Waterways Management", you can click on "New:
> Icebreaking Operations"
> Wait another 10 seconds....
> You'll finally get to a page with a bunch of PDFs on the upper right.
> The best one, currently, is the 02/18/2013 Ice Flight, the first
> images are blue/blank, but further down you'll see great images of the
> ice conditions upriver.
> Also, check out the PDF called "Photos of Different Ice Reporting
> Types" to learn about "Frazil Ice", "Brash Ice", "Grease Ice",
> "Pancake Ice", etc...
> Enjoy.  Sorry I can't give direct links to the content, that's the way
> the website is structured.  It's pretty much the worst website I've
> seen in a decade or so, but it's well worth the effort in terms of the
> info you get when you finally make it good content.
> (also, based on the codes in the location bar of the browser, it may
> be tracking users...maybe a web engineer on the listserv can educate
> us about what these long codes are for...)
> Mark
> Quoting Rick Langer <farreach@optonline.net>:
>> For those who have been waiting out winter, the river is now completely
>> free of ice at Cold Spring.  Foundry Cove Launch and World's End are
>> open. There are only a few small bergs, but the marsh is still hard.
>> rick 

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