[NYCkayaker] Happy New Year!! Clear Paddling on the Bronx Kill

Nancy Brous nbrous@gmail.com
Fri Jan 4 15:44:17 EST 2013

the conduit pipes under the greenway connector on the bronx kill have been
removed!  this makes the kill, on of the most unique waterways in our
harbor's system, navigable by small crafts for the first time in many many
years (without having to limbo under the pipes).


thanks to so many people who made this happen, particularly al butzel,
harry bubbins, rob buchanan, people from randall's island sports
foundation, people from the department of state who took up our cause, a
few people from ConEd who listened AND heard, people from several south
bronx groups who refused to be pitted against water access advocates and
saw that we would all benefit from the conduit being removed even if it
delayed the greenway opening (which it didnt).

people say community groups cant compete with the big guys but we've
prevailed in opening up the bronx kill for navigation by small vessels, in
getting launch sites on the newtown creek re-opened when there was no
scientific data to support their closure, in creating access where there
was none and protecting access where it is threatened.

here's to another year of working together to give more people increased
access to NY's greatest commons - the harbor.

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