[NYCkayaker] WANTED some feedback on buying a Tandem Sea Kayak

Dugmotz@aol.com Dugmotz@aol.com
Wed Jan 23 17:26:38 EST 2013

I am a old white water kayaker from PA...now living in WNY.  
I am thinking about buying a new/or used  Tandem Sea Kayak
that I can use with my wife, who is new to this sport.....
I have listed my basic needs and thoughts below, but have little  experience
with the sea kayak variety, and making this decision.
I am looking for a sturdy secure long boat, for roof top travel.
will use on rivers and at the beach, in mild surf in NJ, long Island, and  
would like to get a boat that we can learn to Roll....ie soft chines
with a modest space for supplies and cargo...ie camping hiking
definitely want/need a rudder......
Would appreciate any thoughts, recommendations, in terms of
Brands, models, websites, or used boats in good condition.  I expect 
to do some research, and then purchase a new or used craft in March, Apr,  
or May
you can reply by Email    _Dugmotz@aol.com_ (mailto:Dugmotz@aol.com) 
or by cell phone/test     412-860-0222
or at home     716-688-5050
Thanks, for helping out a fellow kayaker,
Doug Motz

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