[NYCkayaker] Cars good for carrying kayaks?

Rich Kulawiec rsk@rockandwater.net
Wed Jan 30 12:49:25 EST 2013

I'm on my third Subaru wagon: Loyale(1), Legacy(2).  The first two
both made it to about 220-240K miles despite mistreatment.  This one
is at 105K and needed major surgery last summer, but should be good for
another 125K now.  Recent models are not as sturdy as older ones --
ubiquitous cost-cutting.  But they're still reliable cheap transportation
and plenty of ones between 5-8 years old are on the market.

With a rack, they can carry 4 boats easily, although I've had 7 on
mine (glass boats, not plastic) plus an inflatable shark.  (Long story.)
Plus they'll carry 4 adults and gear.


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