[NYCkayaker] Fwd: ferry horn blowback

Erik Baard erikbaard@gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 13:18:54 EDT 2013

Replied and awaiting moderation for a stretch.

But I believe this is a matter of ignorance leading to false
equivalence of ferry captains sounding horns with truck drivers who
blast their horns on densely populated streets in a discourteous
venting of frustrations over gridlock. The writer is doubtless more
acquainted with the latter scenario.

I don't think the writer is aware that there's a substantial safety
tradeoff. The writer also doesn't have a huge following, so gentle
education before returning condemnation might be constructive at such
an early stage.

Besides, maybe new technologies could maintain safety in ways more
suitable to our increasingly residential harbor than horns. Not
overnight, and horns must be used until an equally effective
replacement is instituted, but technologies and cultures do evolve.

Erik Baard

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Subject: [NYCkayaker] Fwd: ferry horn blowback
I am outraged that people can be this selfish, expecting ferries to
flout safety regulations so they can live with a waterfront view but
not be "disturbed" by the sounds of a waterfront.  Why should ferry
captains, passengers, and other mariners be put in danger so these
privileged people with the waterfront luxury apartments can sleep in?

I encourage all who are concerned about maritime safety to comment
here, and i'm not on facebook but it seems you may be able to make
some noise (pun intended) there as well.

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