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Tue Jul 2 14:11:35 EDT 2013

I couldn't disagree more, and can count many, many situations I've observed
firsthand, including two this season, when ferry operators have pulled out
without warning and created a dangerous situation for other boaters. It's
not just kayakers or rowers, either, but any kind of vessel that may be
passing. And it's not just about sounding the horn--it's also about keeping
a proper lookout on the stern of the vessel as it pulls out. Both things
are rightfully required under the nautical rules of the road and both are
routinely ignored in this harbor.

As a case in point, I'd draw your attention to the ferry dock at Fulton
Landing, where two and sometimes three ferries dock at once. If you're
passing in a small boat, you really have no idea when one of
them--particularly one hidden behind another--might pull out. Two weeks ago
I was in a rowing gig and steering wide to avoid the place but at the same
time trying to stay out of the way of a barge in the shipping channel. It
was flooding hard so holding our position wasn't a good option;
furthermore, with two boats on the dock and more arriving, it could have
been a very long wait. As we pulled past the Peter Weiss, a Waterways
ferry, shot out from behind the other ferry, spun towards us and hit the
throttle, and only then spotted us. No whistle, no lookout, and way too
close for comfort.

Whatever you think of the mayor's waterfront development agenda, it's
happening--and therefore it's likely that we're going to see a lot more
ferry traffic in the future. More recreationals too. Unless you have a
better system in mind, now seems like a good time to start observing the
rules of the road.

Rob Buchanan, Village Community Boathouse

On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 12:59 PM, Robert Harris <rob@rwharris.com> wrote:

> I take the ferry pretty regularly and have seen one kayaker near a boat in
> the 2 years I have been doing this.  that guy was stupid enough to try to
> cut behind the ferry at a dock rather than wait the 30 seconds that they
> sit there.
> If the reason they now blow those fog horns is because kayakers can't
> understand that the ferry might pull out and can't wait a few seconds then
> I agree that these horns are annoying noise pollution and hope they stop
> the horns ASAP.
> I am 100% sympathetic to people who have to hear this every 10 minutes so
> that one or 2 kayakers a day or a week have to be warned that the noisy
> huge boat may pull out.  which they should know already.  they rev the
> engines to stay at the dock then they shift to reverse to leave.  you can
> hear the
> sounds and see the boat balance shift.
> I mean, really, do people in kayaks not know that the ferries might pull
> out?  I hardly think this is a maritime safety issue.
> Rob
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> I am outraged that people can be this selfish, expecting ferries to
> flout safety regulations so they can live with a waterfront view but
> not be "disturbed" by the sounds of a waterfront.  Why should ferry
> captains, passengers, and other mariners be put in danger so these
> privileged people with the waterfront luxury apartments can sleep in?
> I encourage all who are concerned about maritime safety to comment
> here, and i'm not on facebook but it seems you may be able to make
> some noise (pun intended) there as well.
> http://www.batterypark.tv/featured-residents/letter-help-stop-the-ferry-boat-horns.html
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