[NYCkayaker] Inquiry about Staten Island graveyard of ships

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Launch from Carteret waterfront park . Park has a dock and a ramp . Get in the water and head south 

and you'll run into graveyard shortly . 

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Use link below for tides & save it for future use.
Next year just change 13 to 14.
IMPORTANT - Try to go during flood to have most access to site.
Beware of sharp jagged metal & submerged piers all around you.

call me if need help to use

Lee Reiser

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>Subject: Inquiry about Staten Island graveyard of ships
>I am contemplating a trip to this spot and have two questions:
>A. What's the best and safest place to launch on the NJ side, and is it safe to 
leave a car there ?
>B. are the Tides something I should consider , and view as very important ?
>Anything else I should be aware of ?
>A paddler from Buffalo, NY
>Doug Motz
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