[NYCkayaker] Home-stays needed for paddlers for Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign August 8th and 9th

Nancy Brous nbrous@gmail.com
Wed Jul 3 11:45:17 EDT 2013

Reminder -
These paddlers are still hoping for home stays.
If you can help please contact Anika at the address below.

July 27th to August 9th, the Two Row Wampum Campaign will be traveling
down the Hudson river in two rows--with Haudenosaunee representatives
on one side and allies on the other--from Albany to New York City,
holding educational and cultural events along the way. On August 8th,
they will arrive in Inwood and hold a community event. On August 9th,
they will continue to Pier 96, hold a media event, and march to the
United Nations to participate in their activities for the United
Nations International Day of the Worlds Indigenous Peoples.

The organizers are seeking home-stays for paddlers the evenings of
Thursday August 8th and Friday August 9.

If you can open your home to participants in this culturally,
environmentally, and historically significant event, please contact
Anika directly at tworowhousing@gmail.com and see the housing survey:

Campaign Overview:

The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign is a state-wide educational
initiative about the first treaty ever made between the Haudenosaunee
(Iroquois) and settler nations (in this case the Dutch). It was also
cited as the foundation of every subsequent treaty made with the
French, British, and United States, making it the fundamental basis of
the relationship between the United States and the Haudenosaunee.

The Two Row Wampum was created in 1613 and depicts the two sovereign
nations--the Haudenosaunee in their canoes and the settlers in their
boats--traveling down the River of Life side by side in peace,
friendship, and perpetuity, as they care for their shared resources.
This relationship has many social as well as environmental
ramifications, and illustrates that we have responsibilities not only
to one another but also to the environment that we share. This
environment is our common ground that we all rely on for life and will
continue to be so for all of our future generations.

2013 marks the Wampum's 400th anniversary. Current environmental
devastation gives testament to a failure on the part of settler
nations to uphold the Two Row Wampum over the past 400 years. To
commemorate the Wampum's anniversary and encourage citizens of the
United States to live up to the Wampum's tenants the campaign will
culminate in a symbolic enactment of the treaty.


Nancy for NYCWTA / HRWA

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