[NYCkayaker] Sad news - Toshi Seeger Passes

Donna Stein onnaday@mail.com
Thu Jul 11 11:06:59 EDT 2013

There are people who touch our lives and we may never know them or of them but they have a profound impact. Toshi Seeger is one of them.
Toshi was a remarkable strong, humble, gentle and selfless, outspoken activist for social and environmental justice She was the rock behind Pete Seeger. Their 70 year love story was the of the highest heart connection. 

As one person mentioned she was a giant of the Hudson River ecological restoration. Toshi was recognized in the Clearwater family as the backbone of all the important work cleaning up our river by Pete and the Clearwater organization he founded. She was also the driving force behind the Clearwater revival. When you direct praise at Pete you also are praising Toshi.

Please send your heart energies to Pete Seeger and the whole Seeger family, extended family and all the many who love them.
Toshi will be remembered always in the hearts of everyone who was lucky enough to meet her and anyone who loves the spirit of Clearwater. 
Donna Stein
 NYC Friends of Clearwater
 and kayaker

BTW - 
NYCFC is having a Sunset sail on the Clearwater Sat night and we will dedicate it to Toshi.
There are still spots available if anyone would like to come email me back channel.

kayaknsail@gmail.com and nycfc.annualsail@gmail.com
Will be going right home after to catch some sleep before going back to 79th st to help with the Triathlon.

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