[NYCkayaker] Coast guard response to Battery TV

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Thanks for the link! How timely. Doesn't mention the ferry horns but really puts things in perspective. I'm almost tempted to post the link as a comment on the video although I've been trying to stay out of it. Have to admit I had to fight back an impulse to point out how much the opening would have been improved by a few bars of Ranz des Vaches (the familiar pastoral theme from the William Tell Overture that plays at the beginning of Bambi vs. Godzilla, I had to look up the name when it started running through my head along with the tweeting-birdies start of his video). Going to hold myself back on this one too, but I do hope he saw that. Welcome to a very big club, Wolfgang. 

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>It's an article about noise pollution in the city, 
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