[NYCkayaker] Test - Response to Rob B. re North River

Rick Muller rlmuller@earthlink.net
Tue Jul 16 15:50:57 EDT 2013

My reply to Rob Buchanan about the North River incident does not seem to have come through on this list. I am trying again:

Rob - The bypass occurred at about 11 pm when the sewer reached storage capacity. The 9:15 time Nancy mentioned was actually when the alarm was tripped, but that is before the sewer actually tops out. The bypass stopped at about 2:15 am and was about 16 million gallons, which spilled from three outfalls in proximity to the plant. Our modeling showed that the effects of the spill would dissipate within about 11 hours, such that we expect any elevated levels would return to normal in that time. But to be on the safe side, we decided to extend the advisory to 4 pm. That amount of sewage is not a lot in the context of CSO events, but of course no one would be expecting any effluent on a day like this, All of the effluent was treated with bleach. We will share the results of our extra water sampling by posting it on the DEP website when it becomes available, which I believe will be tomorrow late afternoon. I'll give a heads-up when we have it..


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