[NYCkayaker] Beautiful Eric Schade kayak for sale, $1000

bonnie13@earthlink.net bonnie13@earthlink.net
Wed Jul 17 09:53:51 EDT 2013

Bob Horan, an old friend from my Manhattan Kayak days, is looking to sell a very beautiful boat that was built for him by Eric Schade. Gorgeous boat, only $1,000. Bob's a big guy and if you're a tall paddler who's been having a hard time finding your Goldilocks boat (the one that's just right!), this might be the boat for you. 

Bob sent photos and it really is a beautiful craft. 


If you're interested please reply "back channel" and I'll put you in touch with Bob right away. The boat is up on e-bay right now and he's had a lot of nibbles from the West Coast but he's asked friends to reach out and see if anyone local might like to have it. 

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