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Hi -

60 miles in one day is ambitious for sure. Lots of that will be into a flood, and if there is a summertime south wind they got their work cut out for them.

And can you imagine how the racers will get strung out on the water? Pretty much everyone will be paddling alone. A fustercluck for a support staff.

The outriggers should smoke it, but we'll see how the SUP'ers do.

What is an average cruising pace of a SUP?

Can't imagine standing for that length of time, but that's just me...

* Check out the Yonkers Paddling & Rowing Club
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Hi! I had tried to forward this a couple of days ago but accidentally sent it in HTML format, which this list can't read (thank you Rich for letting me know). Anyways, Carolina at PortSide NewYork had told me about that and I was sort of surprised that I hadn't heard of it - at first I figured that it was aimed at hardcore adventure racers, which I am not, but then I had time to look at the website more closely and realized that it's actually for stand-up paddlers and outrigger canoes.  

I can't imagine doing 60 miles on the Hudson in one day, traveling one direction, with a single-bladed paddle and maybe even standing up. 

Anyways, they'll be starting in Kingston and paddling to Ossining on Saturday and then on Sunday they'll be coming the rest of the way down, circling Manhattan, and finishing at pier 66. Figured I'd pass this along - if you see any agonized-looking SUP-ers or outriggers going hell for leather, they're probably part of this, it would be nice to cheer them along! 

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never heard of this til today


The ultimate adventure paddle & race for teams and elite paddlers. 
This two day adventure paddle will start 75 miles north of NYC and follow the Hudson River to a breathtaking loop around Manhattan. Sign Up Today!

whaddya know about it?

one of its days is concurrent with City of Water Day. I like its message of whole Hudson River


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