[NYCkayaker] Harbor Water Quality Sampling Data

Rick Muller rlmuller@earthlink.net
Thu Jul 18 13:14:40 EDT 2013

DEP's additional sampling done after the effluent discharge from North River is posted on DEP's website; it is a separate pdf dated July 16 when you scroll down. In order to understand the entries, you can click on the map and identify each sampling site. The addtional sampling was done from the GW Bridge south.

Further work on quantifying the amount of effluent discharged reduced the original estimate of 16mg down to 3mg. This reduction is based on a number of factors such as tidal influence preventing greater flow into the river and consequently greater storage within the system, and analysis of pumping rates during and after the event.

As mentioned, The release was confined to three outfalls in proximity to the plant. 

Here is the link:

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