[NYCkayaker] Need a ride to join the Two Row paddlers

Donna Stein onnaday@mail.com
Fri Jul 19 13:19:06 EDT 2013

Dear Folks
I'm registered with the Two Row Renewal Campaign and joing the flotilla from Aug 2 to 9 and still need to figure how to get up to Margret Norrie State Park in Staatsburg on the 1st.

I'll camp with the group and head out in the morning of the 2nd with the flotilla. This is a bit ambitious for me on the camping end but the padddling will be easy enough and gorgeous. Should be fun and for a good cause. You know I am into social and environmental justice, add kayaking and there's no better way to spend my time!

If someone feels like taking a drive upstate to help get me and gear up I would really appreciate it! I'll take care of expenses. I'll likely rent a car and have a friend drive me up...but kayaker support would be much prefered. 

Donna Stein
646 420-0773

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