[NYCkayaker] Do NOT followup spam messages -- here or elsewhere

Rich Kulawiec rsk@rockandwater.net
Sun Jul 21 09:26:50 EDT 2013

Just about a month ago, I tried gently warning everyone that on
those rare occasions when spam slips through to the list that they
should not follow up or reply to those messages.  That message
apparently didn't get through, so this is a less-gentle warning:
don't do it.  It's rude, stupid and pointless: everyone already
KNOWS and does not need you to tell them.  And repeating the
spammer's message (a) helps them and (b) wastes the valuable
time of the people you allegedly are trying to help.  So just don't
do it, period.

If you do, you will be immediately unsubscribed from the nyckayaker list.


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