[NYCkayaker] Cardboard Kayak Race

Erik Baard erikbaard@gmail.com
Mon Jul 22 22:28:51 EDT 2013

Great video and hats off to Jens and friend from the North Brooklyn Boat
Club for their tenacity. In the medal heat one can see a pile of cardboard
in the center of my boat (HarborLAB provided the safety boats) as we closed
in on the sinking contender. Those were the remains of half of Jens' boat,
which flipped in a Heat 2 collision (1:30 mark in the video) nearly
straight off the mark. The pair made the full circuit with what remained of
their raft (too slow an ordeal to include in the video), while I pulled off
the large wad of cardboard and tape that dragged behind. The boat, in
complete form, resembled a

Ray was a great master of ceremonies, and seemed to enjoy this part of the
day the most. It was a great idea to make this part of City of Water Day.
We'll have photos on our website soon.


On Mon, Jul 22, 2013 at 8:07 PM, Christopher Schiffner

> Hey everyone. Last Saturday a bunch of local paddlers took part in a
> cardboard kayak race at Governors Island. Participants built and ultimately
> paddled boats made of cardboard and tape. It was lots of fun seeing all the
> wild creations! Many of you made it out to Governors Island for City of
> Water Day and got to see the event first hand. For those of you that we're
> unable to make it out, or those of you that we're actually paddling a
> cardboard boat, I took video of all the heats and championship round.
> You can check out the video here: http://www.schiffner.com/**
> videos/?a=v&v=ZqqkoKnhz2s&pg=1<http://www.schiffner.com/videos/?a=v&v=ZqqkoKnhz2s&pg=1>
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> Regards,
> Christopher Schiffner
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