[NYCkayaker] Coast guard response to Battery TV

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Thanks Chris. I think Wolfgang just needs to get it through his entitled skull that rules are rules, no means no (especially when both the CG and the ferry company are the ones saying no), and he might as well give up because there wasn't a battle to fight in the first place (as he was probably told a hundred times in the comments he deleted). I totally agree with you - he can't get used to it, he should just move. 

BTW, an old friend from my MKC days sent me a link to a Times CityRoom blog story about it. Makes no mention of the censorship, that may have been too much complication for a column that has to stay focused and keep to a certain number of words, but I think it's a very good take on the basic story that started the whole flap.


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>For those of you who would like to continue the horn discussion with 
>Wolfgang Gabler directly, he has weighed on the subject via comment on 
>my blog. I won't be filtering comments or blocking users like 
>BatteryPark.TV has been.
>Christopher Schiffner
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