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My son recommended "My Tracks" and I've used it on my Samsung G-III.  Seems 
OK.  Per his recommendation, I put the phone in "airplane" mode when 
paddling to save on battery life.

Bill Leonhardt

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Hi Peter,

I've been using My Tracks, an app that Google acquired some time back, on my 
HTC phone. It's simple but effective. The altitude readings are rubbish, but 
that doesn't matter if you're on the water. It's very easy to upload your 
routes to Google Maps and Drive.

Someone recently recommended Trimble Outdoors, which I've installed but not 
yet used much.

My biggest problem in using tracking is my phone's battery life. With GPS on 
I only get about 4 hours of juice. Maybe your phone will last longer.


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Hi Folks,
i have a new samsung/android phone. anyone have recommendations for a 
tracking app that tracks and sums distances, speeds, time, etc.?
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